Saturday, September 17, 2011

Lots of mommy and me time

I read another blog and she was disheartened by people not commenting on her posts.  I feel your pain sometimes I wonder why don't people post comments I love them personal.  But I am a feedback type of girl you know what I mean.  I think that shows people are reading even if it's not perfect that sort of thing I am all ears.  Last night my step daughter and I had a mommy and me date.  It was awesome we got makeovers.  I never knew how much fun it would be.  I don't wear makeup and when I do it's hard to find stuff that fits and doesn't scream teen or old lady.  *sigh* but I have found something out I don't necessarily have to be a ten .  But it changed the way I feel.  I know that sounds so cliche but it is true.  I hope that other women give it a try I want to feel beautiful.  I am heavy set.  I have lost 40 plus pounds.  But I want more I am not doing all that much in terms of a whole lot of exercising.  I need to but I procrastinate.  I really have gotten alot about reading Fat Girl Fed Up and the Chick Magnets blog she motivates me she struggles.  She has her husband doing it alongside of her and you know what she is honest she doesn't bitch (not sure if I should say that.  But it's true.  She has no idea I look forward to her posts.  I need that push.  Sometimes I feel like I am alone in this world when it comes to loosing weight.  I hope someday I can meet other bloggers some people have so many fans it makes me wonder if I will ever get there as of this moment I only have eleven but you know what that makes me happy really happy and I am a dork until later hugs.


Tanya said...

Just letting you know that I read your post and completely loved it! :)

Kim said...
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Good Steward Savers! said...

Hi there :)
Im Anne and im in the Coupon Cabin giveaway group.
Stopping by and leaving a note to let you know I was here and am a new Fan/Follower :)
Please stop by my blog when you can and follow me too :)
Anne from Good Steward Savers! :)

Kim said...

I love it when people post notes or click that little 1 to let me know they are reading. It feels like a black hole sometimes with the words flowing out and nothing coming back. I have enjoyed reading your notes!

K said...

Thank you guys for reading for following me I love reading your blogs I will follow back and comment I have been loving your posts. I hope you guys like it here too would love to meet you guys at blog her or elsewhere even for coffee. I love you guys.

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