Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Finally a chance to post here NEWS FLASH

My daughters dog had pups they are so cute look like their daddy.  There's two girls and a boys he likes to watch them but she doesn't like it.  They are doing fantastic they were born on my husbands birthday he said it's the best present he could have gotten.  I had to bottle feed them the first few days but they were doing well but I knew they would do better with mama milk .  She kinda rejected them at first so it was a long battle but she's doing much better now.  I kinda got away with tracking my food weighed at the doctor lost 3 more pounds but I want more.  On the upside again I get to play Bunco again so that's gonna be awesome I miss my girl time plus I get to see some family I don't see too often.  Win Win situation. My hubs bought a new TV it's fabulous so now we have two nice tvs.  I am really liking the picture .  I am the owner of an Ipod Touch.  I feel frustrated that I can't figure it out all the way like the location feature (HELP)  Seriously.  I downloaded some songs that were free I need to download some of the ones that cost money.  They aren't too expensive.  But I think that it could add up quickly. I got a free hair dye coupon in the mail it's for a free box.  I had a wonderful birthday dinner for the hubs 3 parties it's nice to be loved right.  I bought some diet orange soda it's not so bad.  The regular soda is soo sweet.  I got used to drinking diet.  So I am liking some of the stuff.  Wish they would make diet candy that tasted good.  I haven't found one I like yet. Made appointment and got to see the orthodontist.  This upcoming week.  I hope that it goes well.  I know it will the dr.  reccomended her.


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