Monday, December 19, 2011

Uploading Videos

So I have been working my little hind end off uploading the video.  It downloaded 2 of the 4.  I am really excited to tell you the truth.  Because we are so rural our internet is slow.  I can't believe it's already ten o'clock.  The day has been going by pretty fast though I think I hope that I can get all of this stuff done by 5pm.  I talked to the elder in my church this morning she makes me feel so human.  I really like her advice because it comes from the heart.  She is older and wiser than me.  Not sure what we are having for dinner I was thinking about having some meatloaf or spagetti.  Either one of those sounds so good.  I may cook over at my MIL house because I have a lot of meat thawed out accidently thawed out 4 pounds.  Didn't realize my husband had already thawed some meat out too.  Opps mental note next time make sure that I do talk with him first and make sure he doesn't have it thawing in the fridge.  Tomorrow is Dr. appointment for my son and my daughter has some girls scout meeting. This should be a blast.  Then Wendsday is the kids Christmas parties I think I am going to make some cupcakes.  The bad thing is about transfering them I don't know how to make frosting hard,


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