Saturday, July 28, 2012

Review : Rubbermaid Portable Filtered Water Bottle

Have I ever told you purple is my favorite color, since I was like a kid.....  I bought this bottle it's like a bike water bottle except under the lid there is a filter to filter the water as you drink.... What can I say it's ten bucks. (Which I know isn't cheap)  I told my husband this better work and not leak or I will be so disappointed guess what it WORKS!!!!!!!!!! It's worth every penny it makes water taste good.  I have gotten myself to drink two a day which is like 40 oz.  I am a soda drinker a water hater.  but this this is a game changer  for me.  It makes water taste so good you forget it's water.  The filter lasts for 3 months and you can find the filters at stores and online at Amazon.  Which is where I got mine.  I am def. going to be  getting this for some Christmas presents and I will be using it all the time,  here's the best part it's Ice friendly because admit it cold water rocks.  At the bottom of the filter is a dial which u turn to know when it has to be changed.  I am really pleased with my purchase and am glad I read the reviews and am glad I can drink water.  It's one more of my steps to becoming healthy.  Hope you guys will give it a go to

Disclaimer:  I was NOT compensated given free stuff by amazon or by rubbermaid.  I just wanted to share quality products that I paid for myself and that are worth the money I paid.  But if Amazon or Rubbermaid needed someone to test their stuff.  I would gladly reply YES!! while jumping up and down.

Friday, July 27, 2012

Husband's Operation :(

So this afternoon my husband has an operation on his foot.  I am sooooooo nervous I really think that it will all turn out ok.  I get to be there with him and it's outpatient but I have known others and they were in so much pain.  After the fact it will hurt to walk.  My friend is having her yard sale coming up this next week and I am so excited.  We are about the same size and I know she dresses cute so it's all good.  I am really excited about that.  Plus our daughters wear about the same size and they need some pants still for school. My niece is going to join me on my business op. I am really excited.  She's we are about ten years appart.  I am really happy.  I possibly might have my sister in law too.  This is so good. I am very lucky that this is working out.  I haven't been able to get into my email there's technical errors going on.  Hope that's fixed soon.  I need to get some copies made while I am at it.  I think somehow I twisted my wrist and it hurts so bad.  Either that or I slept wrong .  My husband made me a lovely biscuits and gravy breakfast .  I also had some hash it was delish. Wish us luck and pray to.  Tomorrow I will have the review  up for my new water bottle. 

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Good Breakfast's give you energy

I know that with a lot of people when they skip breakfast they feel drained and then later on they gorge themselves.  You know how I know because I am one of those people.  When I don't eat I know it.  I suggest a protein breakfast.  I am a fan of eggs toast and cheese with milk or juice.  It keeps me full till snack time.  Snacks are so  important to your body.  It can be a cheese stick an apple grapes etc.  I try to eat meat for dinner too.  I avoid fried foods.  They carry so many calories and aren't worth the cost to me.  I also joined it is a FREE website to use to track calories and your water.  You can also friend your friends.  They have an extensive website and it really helps.  If you would like to join just friend me on there my user name is kmtc1982.  I will be happy to encourage you.

Monday, July 23, 2012

Back to School Shopping at GREAT SAVINGS!!!!!!!!!!!

We found a garage sale on fb that was nearby.  They had Name brand t shirts for 50 cents and 70 dollar jeans for 5.  I got a lot of the kids back to school shopping out of the way plus she told me we could have the leftovers.  I am really happy all I need for my little girl is some of the shorts and jeans and shoes and then we are set.  I picked up some of the Chicken Soup for the Soul books for me.  My  hubs picked up some dvds  for 50 cents.  That was a huge deal as he's a big movie buff.  The leftovers we are going to donate if any to the domestic violence shelter.  I was a victim at 17 and I will help someone in anyway that I can.  I have some errands to run today and hope to blog again soon.  have a blessed day.

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Such a busy day

We had such a packed day yesterday.  We went to VBS .  I dropped off some maternity clothes for my step daughter.  Then we went to my nieces 3rd B-day party.  She got some cute stuff.  We had a really nice cookout too.  I was so exhausted by the time I got home I just wanted to go to sleep.  I couldn't sleep right away but I  slept until like 3 o'clock when I had to go to the bathroom bad then I laid back down and went to sleep.  One of the kiddies had her friend stay the night.  it's been kinda loud.  I'm not used to all the texting and not playing with everyone stuff.   I firmly believe that everyone should get along and play together and when that doesn't happen it makes me feel like the phones need to go home and if it still doesn't happen then the friend needs to go back home .  Hoping that today they get along better wish me luck.

Friday, July 20, 2012

So far for getting help

Well I have been trying to download this update for itunes for two days everytime I get to the end it times out I am so frustrated the second guy told me to disconect my anti virus software,  or go to another computer so I guess I will just have to wait and try to do it else ware.  I am so disappointed with this I thought this would work guess not hope I can have this fixed by tomorrow.  Wish me luck all.

Review: Aldi's Happy Farm Cheese

I shop at Aldi's quite a bit.  I like a lot of their products and some I don't.  Their cheese tastes good it melts just like the more expensive cheeses.  I buy it if I am running low on funds.  I also buy it but they don't sell it in bulk.  So I can't save any money.  If I need it in larger bags I always shop at a bigger store.  The cheese is good I usually get the sharp cheddar.  It's not as sharp as say Kraft cheese.  But in a pinch it works and I buy it alot.  Although their prices have gone up in their dairy department.  It sometimes saves me money to buy it elsewhere.  I just love a lot of their products their milk and eggs flour etc.  taste the same as the national brands.  Sometimes the sales at other stores are better though.  So I was not compensated or given any gifts etc.  I bought this product with  my own money.  Just wanted to share with you my opinion.

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Review : Mcdonalds NEW Dipped Cone

I love ice cream.  Especially on a 104 degree day.  It's a little bit taller vanilla cone dipped into Milk Chocolate .  It was 1.29.  Let me tell you It was DELICIOUS!!! It was worth every penny.  Matter of face I would have paid more for it. It tasted like Chocolate you melted yourself.  They use quality ingredients.  It was so good.  My kids each got one too and they were impressed let me tell you it was so good.  I really liked the flavors and the textures .  Since we live so close to them I really am going to be getting one more often.  NO Mcdonalds didn't give me free food this opinion was made using my own money and time and I was in no way compensated for it.  But if they ever wanted a taster for their products I like trying new things it was so good.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Kinda Busy week so much to do not so much time

Well I have been so busy lately and I have wondered what goes through peoples minds.  I have been like making appointments and getting laundry done all day.  It feels like a never ending battle.  Got most of the clutter gone.  I think that sleep really escaped me last night it was after 2 am before I got to sleep.  I have no idea why though.  I have been playing games on my ipod I wonder if anyone can reccomend anything that's a cool app to play on it.  If you are looking to get one target has some online deals only that are cheaper than walmart.  They may price match as they usually do.  So I am hoping that it gets cooler today as I am still hot already.  The one child is going to stay the night at her friends house tonite.  I still don't know what to have for supper any ideas I got hamburger out of the fridge.

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Dieting that went out the Window in a big way........

So last night we had a gc for a fantastic dinner.   And the sad part I kinda threw the diet out the window.   I ate some fruit and veggies and a lot of fried foods.  That's exactly why I don't like to go to buffets the temptations are too much.  I hadn't ate there for quite some time and it was really hard not to indulge into dangerous territory.  I tell you what that night  I had heartburn from HELL and also I thought I was going to throw up I was so full. Today I did some walking and I felt crappy I tend to fell like that when I eat a lot of fried foods.  The people are usually nice and the place is pretty busy.   I ordered water.   I drank two glasses too.  It made me fill up and plus I don't like their diet pop.    I know I should totally give up the fried food but sometimes it tastes too tasty.   Some of the kids are going to a party today.  I am not going.  It's not my kind of outing the heat index it is high today plus my asthma attack took a lot outta me this morning.  I keep  putting up some recipes for the wedding album and hope that it turns out well.  I think I will put it in a binder.   The bad thing about all this is she's mildly retarded and I worry about making it easy enough for her to understand and not to complicated.  I keep worrying about our budget and thinking of using the envelope system.  Though I am not sure.  Wish me luck all..

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Reiew Time Chobani Blueberry Yogurt

I had seen them on a commercial  I went to the store and bought some so the flavor I wanted to try was the blue berry.    The yogurt was thick and creamy.   It was filling it had enough protein  to fill you up for a snack the blueberries were on the bottom.  I tried the top first it was tick and sweet with a slightly sour taste that wasn't  off putting.  Them I mixed in the blueberries.  Let me tell you it was delicious.  It was thick and creamy and tasty.  I liked how the blueberries was plenty there was no skimping there either.  It was really wonderful I really enjoyed how tasty it was.  I was not given free yogurt I used my own money and I will continue to buy it because it was wonderful.

Friday, July 13, 2012

Crafting Time

I am working on crocheting some presents.  I am also looking for a pattern for some stuff for the kids.  Also I am looking into bartering for some Knitted items and some fresh produce .  I would also like to look into a side of beef and pork but first I need to get a large freezer I need to look around and compare some prices around town.  Also I want to look for some fresh chicken eggs.  They shouldn't be too hard to find in our area.  Hope that everyone has a blessed day.

Thursday, July 12, 2012

New ADHD and ODD Ideas

Well we are still working on the anger management.   Sharing is so difficult for him also he wants things his way.  Let me tell you it's suck a challenge to deal with someone like this.  I have tried to work things out so that it stops the challenges.  We have really talked things out and taken away radios video games and privilages .  It has helped out a lot.  I still have to really keep my eyes on him around other kids because sometimes he can play kind of rough.  The therapists are working with him 6 hours a week.  I have seen some changes but it's a long road.  I know we can do it though.  Also we are using some reward bucks to help him .  I know god can really work some miracles and we can do this just time.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Sick Hubby Sick friend Loooong Day

Ever since the hubby fell he's been in a lot of pain.. I feel so bad for him.  Also the my step daughter saw the Dr. again.. Just for a check up.  I made my own version of beefaroni it has extra tomato juice in it I try to sneak it in just because the kids don't like it plain.  The kids have been playing with their friends.  I am not sure what I am going to cook tomorrow.  I am thinking of grilling out.  I really think that I may try to grill out some potato packages with onions green peppers and some seasonings.  I also have been thinking of grilling corn I googled it because I am so not sure if it would turn out so good.  I use a non gas grill. It's so much nicer I found a really large grill for 25 bucks.  That was a steal for a new grill.  I am also thinking of new ideas for my blog.  It's really amazing to have people read what you write.  Not that I am boring but it's nice to know people that care.  I am thinking of writing a few companies to whom I enjoy their products and hope they will let me share their thoughts about their stuff.  I think that would be awesome.  I would also like to try some new stuff for the grand baby.  I think it would be awesome because I have to get two of everything for her house and mine for when he's here wish me luck.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Mommy Day How Exciting

I have been doing some brainstorming,  with my son's ADHD and Mental issues it's hard to find stuff that interests him for longer periods of time.  He really likes his toy cars.  I think we may go fishing though.  He loves to play outdoors but his bicycle chain broke and we have been trying to find parts.  I start a new week on WW.  I really miss the meetings I wish they were closer and cheaper.  The good news is that our car is paid off completely .  No more car payments.  I am happy but it's weird too as I am so used to that payment coming out every month.  The car has a good book value.  My dreams are coming together.  The kids were looking in the paper there's so many really nice stuff people are selling.  I would like to barter some of my crocheting skills and cooking skills for deer and CSA and other things like homemade soap lotion lip balm homemade wallets etc am I asking too much let me know your opinion please.

Monday, July 9, 2012

Flavored Water

I am a pinetrest addict I am constantly searching for money saving ideas.  I found some recipes for flavored water.  Now I don't like the store bought kind.  I like the kind that I can make myself.  I am going to be trying some new flavors and reporting back to let you know what I like if you have any ideas feel free to share them I love hearing from my readers what works for them.  I have been really following my WW plan and I can feel the difference.  I will let you know how this works out wish me luck.

Saturday, July 7, 2012

New Recipe: Swiss Steak

2 lbs. Ground beef ( I used 90% lean)
Garlic Salt Pepper
4 chopped Green or colored Peppers
2 chopped onion ( cut into rings )
2 Jars of spagetti sauce
Tomatoe Juice as much as you would like

Brown seasoned Hamburger patties in two skillets.  Flip While cooking add peppers and onions cook till the veggies turn soft.  Add juice and sauce cook on med stir occasionally .  Enjoy.  Hope you like it this is a huge meal could use leftovers for lunch or another night.  But we have a big family.