Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Birthday Postings

Well today is my birthday and I kind of at first wanted a big milestone birthday party then I thought no I just want a few members of my family and we will eat supper and cake and all that jazz.  I think it will be so much easier to do it that way.  The kids have their Christmas program tomorrow and I am so excited.  I can't wait to see all the hard work that they did.  We are still dealing with our teenager daughter and her job not paying her her check.  They have come up with so many excuses.  She is going to give it a few more days than she is going to call the corporate office.  I feel bad that they are taking advantage of her.  Tomorrow morning they are going to induce my grandbaby.  I am kind of nervous and excited. I will finally be a grandma.  I think I am too young.  LOL.  My husband wants to be called grandpa I want to be called something else but I haven't desided on what that shall be yet.  I think it will be a busy day tomorrow wish me luck I really need it.  She has everything she needs though so that is good.  Talk to you guys soon.

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

What I am working on this Holiday

It really surprises me how many well off rich people brag about saving money. Which they have done to stay rich and wthink to help the less fourtunate. I am flabbergasted. I had told a friend of mine who has big giant coupon hauls that she should donate to the poor and she never thought about it. I was like really. I have had good times and bad times and I don't know how many people could just think of themselves. I volunteer with our church I cook for others I make things I take others to appointments and I am not rich. I don't have the funds to donate money but I can donate my times and the talents that I have.   I am making blessing bags to give out to homeless making birthday boxes for domestic violence victims.   I really feel that this is contributing.  I like to help all year round.  I think that it makes me a better more grounded person.  I hope others do stuff for the less fourtunate this year your soul will thank you and your kids will love to do it as they get older.