Tuesday, February 7, 2012

SO much going on

Well we are still unpacking from the move our house looks awesome. My MIL came over and she was impressed. My hubbs bought the paper for me so that is really  awesome.  Going to run some  errands

Sunday, February 5, 2012

The resources availiable for ADHD/ODD

Trying to find resources avail in our state has become like a full time job.  I really wonder why it's not simple.  I keep trying to find some support groups for moms also.  It's an uphill battle really.  I am still reeling over the mr diagnosis.  It's like it should be obvious to me and it's not. (I figured if there was  a problem it would have shown it's self much earlier than ten) .  I cry about it but not like before most of my friends are willing to help me have a shoulder to cry on if need be.  I had these big dreams and it's like shattered now.  Some people are in denial that it is this.  Why would someone make this up to hurt someone else.  We had the party on Friday it was exhausting.  She didn't even think about thanking me.  Which would have been nice to be appreciated. I don't know.  I am going to look at some more ideas though hope that I can have time to blog more this month that would rock.  Take care all.