Wednesday, November 7, 2012

What I am Thankful For and What is Keeping Me Busy

I have really been swamped lately with stuff. They found a suspicious spot on my lung.  I had a few CAT scans.  Then I continued on the road the wait a whole month just to have a biopsy. To see a specialist.  it was emotionally draing. I was exhausted I have felt alone. Everyone assumed even I that it was cancer but it wasn't yet. They told me if it continues to grow that's a bad sign and then they would want to do another biopsy and then a removal of the lobe. I am glad it's over the pain afterwords was bad but I survived. The other thing is that I was worried. It ate at me and ate at me and it was nasty. The coughing up blood scared me to death.  I have been cooking more spending time with my family and being grateful. For every moment and every thing that I needed to do. It is nice. My allergies have been really flared up with all this rain.  I think that the crop and the dust is horriable but thank goodness for allergy meds. They really have saved me.  I have been having lots of family dinners having lots of dinners that I have cooked. It really helps when u have so much on your mind.  My daughters been having some really fun projects at sc hool. It is fun that she is learning so much stuff.  I like to teach her things that I have learned too. My kids are so smart. I also helped plan a baby shower for my 20 year old. I can't believe that I am going to be a grandma it seems like it's just too soon. I don't even know if I want to beacome one that's called grandma. What are some cooler names that you guys use. I would love to hear your suggestions. Help me figure something out that's young cool and hip .  Have a blessed day u all.


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