Saturday, September 17, 2011

I have an audience. Paid Opportunities............

I am so excited so far 13 and counting woo hoo.   I may post a lot today I wanted to share my voice.  He he he.  Well also some things that have brought me great joy..........  I take surveys and such and I do it because I get to try new products and it's fun .  I have tried woman's lotion perfume tampons food etc.  So much cool stuff so I thought I would share what I have done in multiple posts of course because who has time to read long ones.  This one is called Survey Spot.  They pay as soon as you hit the ten dollar mark.  No waiting for a check or any of  that craziness.  You can get paid out with paypal.  It's important that you fill out your profiles.  They are looking for men women and kids to do surveys.  It's easy fast and legit.  You won't make a living at it but you can have some extra spending money.  So far from this site alone I have made over 300 bucks this year.  You also can cash out in their webstore for Amazon etc.  But I usually do paypal because it's the easiest to spend cash and all comes in handy for gas etc.  It works been doing it for a few years now always fun.  Hope you sign up and enjoy.  They don't give you anything for telling other people or anything I won't get money if you join but I wanted to share what works for me.


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