Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Early to Rise Big Day

Well it's a big day.  My husbands going to have his wisdom teeth pulled.  I had mine pulled several years ago.  I was put to sleep.  I am a big baby.  It hurt real bad because I had mine done all at once.  It was hard to eat for weeks. I should have done one side at a time.  Time for another checkup to for my daughter too.  Good think we have an awesome doctor.  I think I have a stomach bug.  Hate those kind of days.  It's been going around town I think.  Watching reruns of Home Improvement the ones where the kids are grown up.  Yesterday was a more peaceful day thank goodness.  Last night I made a delicious Pork Chops with marinade and shells and cheese and rolls and green beans.  It turned out really good.  Oh yeah and mashed potatoes and gravy.  I think the gravy needed more salt.  I have been cutting back on that though.  I am trying to get back on track .  I have been following some weight loss blogs. I missed bible study yesterday.  I should have gone but I was busy reorganizing my house.  I want to get this done before fall falls upon us.  Last night I applied to do some blogging work with some awesome companies hope that it all comes out.  I really want to get picked.  The kids homework last night was really interesting.  I like how the teacher does a practice side in class so they know ahead of time what's expected. My cousin's getting married next month.  I have no idea what I will wear.  I don't go to a lot of weddings.  I have found some ideas.  I will find something but I may wait until the last minute.  Hate shopping for dresses.  Talk to you guys soon.  Have a blessed day.


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