Thursday, September 29, 2011

Sickness is going around the family

My step daughter is sick and she had them call me to go pick her up.  She said her teacher was sick yesterday so that's where she thinks she caught it.  She didn't feel good last night either.  But she didn't have a fever I thought it would pass.  So off to the Dr.  today.  I won something.  I got the email last night I won the dvd combo pack of Spooky Buddies my kids are gonna be thrilled.  I have won a few things from other bloggers and I have never had a problem with it coming so I am thrilled.  Here's the kicker she blogs from Illinois too.  I really want to meet her.  I have never met anyone except online or through blogs.  It would sure be nice to meet someone and compare notes.  I would like to meet everyone I follow hope that doesn't sound creepy.  Not in a stalker way.  I would like constructive critiques too.  I think it would help me grow as a person and as a  blogger.  There's a couple movies coming out that I want to see.  Hope it all works out.  It's been rainy and crappy here so it makes it feel so cold.  I have been going to bed and getting up early!  I still feel really tired though but I have a two page list of things to do so we will see where that takes me.  I hope to get to half of it today.  I love the sunny days.  I know we will have less due to the fall and winter coming.  I will be back later I am sure.  Wish me luck..  Have a blessed day.


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