Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Such a wonderful Day

So it was a wonderful day today my son really likes his teacher.  I met her myself she seems really sweet.  I ran into my daughters teacher this morning and she told me how well she was doing.  She's usually on the Honor Roll.  It's really nice for teachers to give feedback and let me know how it's going.  I am really happy that all is well on the school front.  I did some errand running this am.  and I got some wonderful samples in the mail.  The first one is Downy Unstopables I am really excited to try this one out.  I think I will like it quite a bit I wonder how it will work out since I wash in cold water.  It saves energy and if stuff isn't really dirty than why wash with hot water.  I will be trying this later on tonite and I want everyone to know the outcome.  I have been using the Bounce Dryer Bar in the Dryer.  I was amazed that it was still working but I know it's still early yet.  I hope that it keeps on  working.  It sure is a time saver.  I really hate touching the dryer sheets they have the waxy residue on them.  Drives me nuts.  One of my friends from years ago sent me a message.  I can't believe it's been over 10 years already.  I am making Pork Chops marinated in Kraft Italian Dressing and I taste tested it and added some minced onion.  The kids aren't big onion fans but if it blends in I think we will be ok.  I am also making  green beans my son's favorite and some shells and cheese.  I am considering making some garlic toast too.  I will let you know how it comes out.  Hugs for now.


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