Sunday, September 25, 2011

Birthday Party this weekend and concert

Anyone wanting cheap sandals they are thirty seven cents at Dollar General.  I bought several pairs.  That was a really good deal.  I went to a concert and  potluck on Saturday. I like going.  But I felt like the group performing was depressing I found myself wondering why their songs are so sad.  It was bad.  On the fellowship note it was wonderful we met a lot of  new people that hopefully will come by more often. Than today we went to church and celebrated Miley's First Birthday Party.  It was fun.  I was so tired. That I didn't really participate the way I wanted to but the kids had a blast and got some nice coloring books and favors.  Watching Jeff Dunham.  I think he's funny sometimes I think he takes things too far but nothing vulgar or anything.  In the next two weeks the preacher will have everything moved here thank goodness.  He told us today he considers us his family after he was done speaking.  I started clapping brought tears to my eyes.  My grandma is having a good weekend.  I am glad praising god for that.  My son my oldest will be 10 on Friday. Can't believe he has gotten so big so quick. He was being a total ham.  On an embarassing note we were sitting in the first row and my son says really loud are they almost done yet because I am hungry.  I felt all eyes on us.  I wanted to bury my head in the stand.  I was shocked.  But that was okay you can't know what kids will say all the time.  We missed the call from my son's paternal grandpa.  So we called him back..........  It was a short conversation but I am glad he made the effort to call.  That was a good thing.  I hope they continue to be in his life.  But I know they are super busy.  Well it's gonna be a long day so hope that I can get some good sleep tonite.


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