Sunday, August 5, 2012

How to Organize your Office........

I have been working on this for awhile ... you know the biggest problem clutter.  I need to weed through the unused items.  I know this will help me .  I am trying to figure out about the file system.  I need to organize my customers info and things they buy I don't want it to be complicated.   I also need to find a way to reward my younger helpers.  My kids like the stuff to I just feel like offering them a discount wouldn't be as good for an adult as it would be for  a kid so I thought of just giving them a percentage some would go to them some to savings and some to tithing.  I think this would be the best solution.  She helps me organize my books.  She tells everyone that she knows what I do.  She is so proud of me .  It makes me proud to know that what I do makes a good deal of an impression on my kids and they are proud of me.  I have thought of some more ideas.  Just an idea machine.  wish me luck and have a blessed day.