Thursday, October 20, 2011

Gosh been so busy and wanted to catch up with ya'll

Went to Eight Conferences last night.  Boy was I tired!!!!!!  Went to the store and got a few items and made some homemade Chili.  I just ate some left overs.  So I won't know how good it is today.  I like my chili to sit overnight before I eat it!  My kids are doing really good in school.  My  daughter is above avg for other kids her age and for the district.  She's gonna be a genius likes to read etc.  She always wants to learn.  My son is doing good he's not where he should be though.  They are working with him.  His behavior is good he just has trouble focusing the ADHD  plays a big role in that.  We haven't found the right combo of medicine.  I know it takes time there's so many different ones.  On the other hand he is a really good artist.  The school doesn't have an art program can you believe it.  I was talking to my son's teacher about stuff and she was telling me how bad she really wants a wireless printer.  I am hoping that I can find one on sale and use my gift cards to buy one for the class for Christmas.  I am going to try to work something out.  Or even find a good used one.  I just got one a couple months ago  It was on sale but I don't know maybe I can find a few mom's to help me out on it.  If all the kids could bring 2 bucks I think the sales still going on although I don't think the school would let me do it.  I am going to try not sure if I will be able to do it but still I want to try doing something.


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