Wednesday, October 12, 2011

So went to Dr, and picked up fundraiser

Went to the Dr. Today... Got that done with don't have to see him for another three months! Onto the thing of the day my daughter's class made their fundraiser goal.  So they get to go on their class field trip!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It's sad now days how the schools money has dried up.  I delivered some of the products today.  I ordered some awesome cookies.  I also went to the store and got some boneless skinless chicken  breasts for 1.69 a pound that's cheap round these parts it's usually like three bucks.  And this is the All Natural Organic kind.  I got some fall cleaning done and some laundry done also.  I like to do that daily.  My cousins goats and chickens are so cute!  They are growing by leaps and bounds.  I am making homemade Chicken Nuggets with tater tots and corn and green beans.  There's another mom that I talk to whose kids also have special needs.  It's nice that I don't feel so all alone.  Someone who understands.  I went to my MIL house today she's doing well..  The best news yet I am down to a size 18 I started out at a size 28 a snug 28.  Now I have given away most of my big girl clothes to a friend from church.  I don't want to ever feel comfortable that I could fall back into my old ways.  If the clothes were here it would be easy.  I don't want to live like that anymore.  I really just want to be comfortable with myself.  My kids are doing well at school I am so proud of them.  They are my babies still.  My family is watching Rio .  I haven't seen it but I have mixed reviews about the show.  I hope it is really good.  Ill let you know.


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