Monday, October 3, 2011

You know I realize it's Monday

It was so cold last night.  I wasn't thinking it would get so cold.  I am blessed with my aunts you know they are always there for me.  I needed that.  You ask and god shall provide.  At church someones grandson grew out of his clothes so my son got a ton of shirts and a pair of jeans they look really nice. I am thankful for that.  The toilet broke so that had to get fixed yesterday.  My uncle made it back from afganistan.  Thank god for that.  He won't have to leave again until November.  I got to talk to my dad to so that was nice.  I miss my grandma.  Stayed with my Uncle this weekend and took care of him.  I love him a lot.  He is actually my husbands uncle but he has adopted me with open arms.  I miss his wife she passed away almost a year ago.  I keep thinking of her but I won't bring it up because I don't want to hurt his feelings.  You know besides being my uncle he's my hero someone I look up to even though his health is failing.  He is the best father and grandfather you could ask for.  He has NEVER ever yelled or spanked his kids.  Of course they are grown now but you know what that says a lot he doesn't even raise his voice.  Can you imagine I think he's part saint.  My son has a Dr. Appt today.  It's supposed to take a few hours.  Don't you hate those kind.  This is a busy place.  Last night we had left over chili .  It is pretty good.  I got out some hamburger.  I am not sure what I am gonna make.  One of the church elders gave us some home grown green and red tomatoes.  Two giant sacks full.  What a blessing .  I talked to his wife after church.  I started to cry this woman is so wise.  I am glad to know that I can count on her.  It sucks when you feel all alone and nobody cares.  The tooth fairy came last night both kids lost teeth .  They were thrilled when I was a kid it was fifty sense.  I figure due to inflation it's now a dollar. Laughing.  Well I will keep you guys posted. Hugs.


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