Tuesday, October 11, 2011

So missing in action really is hard

I have been super busy as of late.  My husband has another MRI today.  My son went to the Dr. yesterday.  The insurance won't cover his meds.  I am trying to get all the preapproval stuff done but the Dr. is sick for two days.  So at least he hasn't run out of medicine.  It's just that it's such a process.  I talked to an old friend today and I want to be honest  I dreaded it.  I wouldn't call him a friend per say but someone I was dealing with years ago.  It was weird to me.  I felt like happy and sad.  My son had a rough morning again. ....... Don't like those kind of days.  I have been doing some research on ADHD and ODD.   I still feel in the dark about it.  I wonder a lot about medicine and side effects etc.  I was overwhelmed yesterday and I cried.  I felt like I needed to grow up but still it is like nobody understands at all.  It's not their kid.  Than sometimes he can get along well with others sometimes not.  I wonder if this will hurt hum down the road..  I know it's hard for him to focus and to sit still .  It's hard because I feel like his mind is always running.  I hope that when they adjust the medicine it will be easier for him to concentrate.  He can't even eat a meal without getting up and down all the time still..  I advocate for him I am over protective of him.  But sometimes I wonder what happens when I get old and don't who will be there then.  I feel like it's taboo with a lot of people.  They have their perfect kids and don't understand.  So maybe I will meet other moms with kids that have the same thing.  It would sure be nice to bounce off ideas off someone whos been there off for awhile see you guys soon.


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