Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Halloween Fun

The kids brought home some info on a trick or trunk yesterday.  They were excited so I thought why not.  We thought it would be nice to get out and do some family stuff.  It rained.  It was dark cold.  Reminded me of Trick or Treating in the Midwest.  Cold and rainy.  The kids went through the maze than we ate some chili and some hot dogs.  The chili really warmed us up.  Than we went home and my daughter made some brownies I was craving them.  The evening started up kinda bad though because my daughter broke out.  We were late heading out there because we were at the Dr.'s office.  The diagnosis Tapioca Excema.  It started out like dry skin and it turned out to be blisters.  The teacher wouldn't let her go to the nurse.  I was livid.  When she came home and told me that.  I was like what kind of person doesn't let a kid see the nurse.  It looked like blisters which the dr. and her popped them together.  I was a nervous wreck.  But they then bandaged them up.  I worry because of her weakened immune system that she seems to catch the smallest of bugs.  So the Dr. said we need to be especially open to using hand sanatizer and Dial soap.  She can't use hand sanatizer with alchohal because it makes her skin too dry.  So we are going to be seeing the Derm again.  I am thinking of having her allergy tested.  We will talk about it at her next appointment.  I will be making several phone calls to the school super.  I will speak to the teacher and the principal tomorrow.  I am disappointed and upset. Tomorrow is also the IEP meeting.  I am hoping to find out some more information about what they are planning to do for my son.  If I didn't advocate for my kids nobody else would.  He's on day two of the new ADHD medicine.  I knew tonite when it ran out.  And he needed his next dose. He became argumentative and I was like time to go.  I have really learned to be aware of the hints that he is over stimulated or frustrated.  I wonder if this is Asberger Syndrome and mabye some dyslexia.  They say that they don't realize cause and effect.  They want to follow the rules but can't I wonder if this is the case.  Wish me luck still doing some research on this myself.


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