Sunday, December 26, 2010

Long time no see

Hey everyone it's been a while I was helping take care of my husbands aunt who was like a mother to me.  She had terminal cancer.  She passed away a few days before christmas.  One of my friends also lost her Grandma so it was equally difficult on us both.  The kids enjoyed their Christmas presents they got toys clothes and watches.  I am hoping after christmas they will have some better sales.  Her funeral is going to be middle of the week.  I am looking into some different schools to try and further my education.  There's a few I am interested in is there anyone able to tell me any good schools. Out there.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Another Fun Filled Day

Well another Sunday has come and gone ...well almost gone. Yesterday we picked out our Fresh Tree. It is under Fifteen Bucks!!! A real bargain. Everyone else wanted far more money for the same thing. I hope that I can figure out how to do all this. I have read several folks blogs. I keep thinking to myself how crafty others are. I am by no means an artist. But down the road I would like to take a cake class. I would love to learn some cool stitches in crochet and I would really enjoy learning to make a granny square. Everyone claims it's easy. So hope someday I will learn. I make Cheeseburgers and FF tonight it didn't end up as good as I had planned I went into town and bought some store brand buns and guess what after the first two they were MOLDY!!! I was horrified. So next time I will not buy the cheaper brand and pay closer attention to the bags!!! I looked through the sales coming up for tomorrow a lot of the deals for Monday actually started today. I went over to my BIL house and watched my cute little niece until my daughter came back. She just turned one a few months ago. I love kids. At that age they are enjoying everything. I think that I may come back on in a little bit and figure things out some more.

Friday, November 26, 2010

A great link to earn money

Hi I wanted to share with everyone a new way to get paid to shop it's called shopscotch. You can earn money just by shopping online also you can invite your friends and get a portion of their savings too. Here I have included my link in case you all would like to join and become a little bit richer.

Here's what I plan on making for my house

I loved this so much as a child. I would like to share this with my family now. I read about it and I am excited to share this with my family here it is:

]Amish Bread Starter

3 c Sugar
3 c Flour
3 c Milk

Do Not Refrigerate.
DO Not use metal spoon.

Day 1 - Combine 1 cup sugar,
1 cup flour, 1 cup milk in a
bowl : or bag; stir, use wooden or plastic spoon.

Day 2 - Stir

Day 3 - Stir

Day 4 - Stir

Day 5 - Add 1 cup milk, 1 cup sugar, 1 cup flour; stir.

Day 6 - Stir

Day 7 - Stir

Day 8 - Stir

Day 9 - Stir

Day 10- Add 1 cup milk,
1 cup sugar, 1 cup flour;
Stir; then split
among : 4 containers, these are now starters.
Give 3 away & keep 1.

You can make Friendship Bread with what is left in your container

Black Friday Crazy!!!

Well compared to last year this year we only went to one place. Brianna wanted a laptop that they had on sale. The way it was advertised I thought you couldn't buy it until 5 am so I thought if I was there by 3 we would have plenty of time to look gaze and admire. WRONG!!! They gave out wrist bands and they were gone at 11 pm Thanksgiving day. Boy was she disappointed. Fortunate that we were looking online and might try to find some other one some where else. So through the tears she was wanting a new one. So wish us luck in finding a good deal we looked at one site and shipping was almost thirty bucks. I was like no way. Hope to catch ya'll later as I was up most of the night and I am so very tired. Talk to you guys later.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

A Little bit about my family

Hi everyone .... I am a frugal money saving mom to the core.. I love to coupon get stuff for a discount. And help others. I am a twenty something mom of six kids, 5 girls and a boy. So we have our hands kinda full. I have several hobbies that include crocheting, singing and reading. I like to watch some movies and the cooking shows and I Love watching Clark Howard. I think he is my hero..... He helps others and saves money and live within there means. I also participate in surveys and product trials. I love to hear others thoughts as we progress. I am also dieting using Weight Watchers. So along the way I will share my comings and goings with that too.

Thanksgiving Day Greetings.

Hello everyone . I wanted to start my blog and share my opinions and ideas with the world. I am kinda nervous but I hope to learn things. Meet new people and share my ideas on saving money and using coupons. Also great items that help my family stay on track and budget. Any thing I learn will be shared along the way . Wish me luck everyone..