Sunday, November 28, 2010

Another Fun Filled Day

Well another Sunday has come and gone ...well almost gone. Yesterday we picked out our Fresh Tree. It is under Fifteen Bucks!!! A real bargain. Everyone else wanted far more money for the same thing. I hope that I can figure out how to do all this. I have read several folks blogs. I keep thinking to myself how crafty others are. I am by no means an artist. But down the road I would like to take a cake class. I would love to learn some cool stitches in crochet and I would really enjoy learning to make a granny square. Everyone claims it's easy. So hope someday I will learn. I make Cheeseburgers and FF tonight it didn't end up as good as I had planned I went into town and bought some store brand buns and guess what after the first two they were MOLDY!!! I was horrified. So next time I will not buy the cheaper brand and pay closer attention to the bags!!! I looked through the sales coming up for tomorrow a lot of the deals for Monday actually started today. I went over to my BIL house and watched my cute little niece until my daughter came back. She just turned one a few months ago. I love kids. At that age they are enjoying everything. I think that I may come back on in a little bit and figure things out some more.


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