Sunday, May 27, 2012

Saving Money while Keeping Cool

Get some rags or wash rags and get them damp than let them freeze.  When they are frozen take them out you can keep them out as needed.  I keep mine to put on my neck when I am super duper hot.  Also they sell those ones with beads that  expand when they have been soaked in water. They are really inexpensive and you can also make heat packs with them for sore muscles etc.  you can also economically make one by using a sock  filled with rice.  You can make one out of scraps of fabric or old socks etc.  That's my money saving tip for today.  Hope everyone has a really good Memorial Day Weekend.  Support our troops when you can they are so brave and so many have lost their lives so that we may live free.

Monday, May 21, 2012

Great way to Earn Extra Money ..........

I have been on this site for quite a while it's called Superpoints you earn points that you can trade in for paypal or gift cards you get points by refering your friend and pressing the super lucky button also by surveys and emails that you get you can share your link on your blogs or you can facebook or email your friends.  I have earned enough to cash out rather quickly too.  Every little bit helps if you are interested Here's my referral link   Hope it helps someone as much as it has helped me.  Let me know what you think I love getting comments.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Praying and rejoycing in Friendship

It's been a few rough patches lately I am so grateful for my church family for praying for us.  I need to try to find the time to read the bible some more.   I would like to read the whole thing.  I think it may take a year for me to do it.  Which reminds me their is a schedule that I should follow I just need to google it.  I have thought of some frugal meals that we can have with chicken.  Last night we celebrated a dinner at my MIL house.  We had tacos and they were delicious.  I think we may have BBQ chicken tonite.   I think we will have green beans and garlic toast with it.  It sounds awful good.  We are trying to eat healthier and not run to the grocery store several times a week.  I really know that it kills are budget.  My husband doesn't like the ideas of planning meals in advance.  He is a fly by the seat kind of guy.  I like to know in advance.  I said we could make it and then switch days if that's what he wanted but still no go.  Hopefully I can convince him to go along with it on a trial basis.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Long time no See

I haven't blogged in so long... I forgot how wonderful it is.  My son has ODD/ADHD he also was recently diagnosed with Light Sensitive including video game epilepsy.  They did an EEG on him and we had to wait for the results.  He had had a major seizure over spring break.  It was really bad..  He used to have feb seizures but he had since grown out of them or so I thought.  The specialist told me yes this is a form of epilepsy.  They put him on Kepra I got lots of info from the drug store.  I wasn't sure if this was something I wanted him on.  For the first day (he took the pill at night) His behavior had gotten worse. I called the Dr.  she changed it to Depakote.  Which scary enough I was highly allergic to as a child.  I don't actually touch that medicine I put it in the lid.  I don't know if I grew out of it or not.  My daughter was in a bicycle accident with a friend from school.  So much has happened.  I have been reading the bible more and doing some deep thinking.  I am hoping that this works.  He hasn't had a seizure since then.  But I don't allow him to play video games anymore.  It's hard for him to understand the Dr. said half an hour a day was ok but too me it wasn't worth the risk.  His dad thinks that it's ok and still allows it on his visits.  It's hard to explain why it's ok there and not here.  The Friday before Easter our beloved Uncle passed away.  It was such a hard thing as I didn't get a chance to say goodbye and of course I have the memories but it's not the same.  The kids got new bikes a few weeks ago so they have been riding them .  I hope to do some more blogging soon.......