Friday, July 22, 2011

Swamped in life

I keep reading others blogs thinking I will make mine just as good.. wishful thinking.. until  now my goal is to post 3 times a week.  It sounds like a little compared to others but I have faith I can do it.  We had a wonderful trip I met my grandma for the first time she suffers from Dementia so she doesn't know me.  She looked at me I felt connected even though she doesn't know who I am .  She doesn't talk very much but when she held my hand and told me she loved me very much I cried ... It felt so good hearing those words come from her when I needed them the most.  She looked at me like she knew me.  She used to carry my sister and my picture around in her wallet for years.  She sent cards and stuff but I never knew about it.. Long story.  I also  met my half sisters for the first time.  They were so pretty.... we have a lot in common.  I sometimes wonder how they feel about me we don't really talk about stuff.  I only call when I am wondering something.  I feel bad though.  I want to get to know them but I don't want to bother them I have been praying that we will have a better relationship though.  I am hoping we will become closer.