Monday, October 17, 2011

So here I am wondering about things

It was such an active weekend.  I am glad that I got some stuff  done this past week.  Helping getting ready the preachers home was hard work for them.  They have traveled all these miles and bad things have happened yet they aren't discouraged.  Their faith in God is strong.  I don't know if I would be the same.  I know that this is a trial in life.  They have had several blowouts vehicle problems and a bad fuel pump while on the road. Yet their attitude is strong.  They are happy.  If it would have been me I would have cried no doubt about it.  I put in several messages to the nurses to call me back .  Today's the results of my husband's MRI.  I am nervous.  I know his problems have gotten worse.  They don't want to do any operation yet. I kind of understand there's a lot of risks involved in it. Early this morning my uncle's sugar dropped really low.  I hate when that happens.  I wish there was a cure for diabetics .  There won't be because they don't make any money off of cures only sickness.  It's such a sad disease.  It runs thick in my family.  I talked to some of my family this weekend my dad was finally rewarded for his 2 million accident free miles.  I am proud of him .  He wasn't alone in his celebration though there were other drivers.   Our church is making thanksgiving baskets for the less lucky people that need help.  I am glad they do this.  There's several families that need some help this year.  Everyone deserves a Thanksgiving Dinner.  My time is usually spent at my mother in law's house.  She makes really good food.  Usually the kids bring some food to share too.  I have yet to pick up the kids costumes I plan on doing that today.  My son wants to be a Ninja.  My daughter wants to be a Zombie Princess.   I am not sure what to do for her costume.  Maybe cut up a dress fake blood.  Not to sure on that one.  It's def a Monday as I am rambling on but just had to get it out there Thanks for listening talk to you guys soon.


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