Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Such a busy day Today

Been such a busy day this past week.  I wonder when it will let up some.  I went to the pharmacy last night and ordered some medicine.  Hopefully it will all work out.  I really need to pray .  I am so thankful for my aunt for helping me understand things.  She is an angel in ordinary clothes .  Swear to god.  I am glad to have her opinion.  My heat aches today.  My daughter had a awful migraine last night.  This is something new but it runs in the family.  Hopefully she will have a wonderful day as she has practice tonite.  I am really looking forward to it.  She is really talented and sweet.  My asthma has been playing on me pretty bad since last weekend.  The Albuterol and the others help some.  They are a pain to carry in the summer time I am afraid they will get too hot and explode in my purse.  I have such a swamped day again and I need to run some stuff over to the office today.  But kind of waiting on some phone calls wish I was a little more patient on that front.  I woke up this morning wheezing pretty bad I may need to get a nebulizer.  I am not sure need to call and make an appointment it's either gonna be tacos or hamburgers tonight I am leaning towards tacos though as I haven't had those in a while.  Keep pondering weather I need to get some shells or not at the store I think I have the soft shells not sure about the hard shells talk to you guys later.


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