Saturday, October 29, 2011

Trying some new tactics

I  have an idea hope it works.  I think that there's too much energy and not enough outlets.  So I am letting him run and play to get some of that out.  My hubs thinks that there's no lesson learned here.  I on the other hand am willing to try stuff that I think will work.  I am going to make some lunch here pretty quick I wanted to try to sleep in but it just didn't happen today.  I think that this will work if it doesn't the only think it cost me was time.  My daughters eczema has really flared up.  I know that if we keep plugging away it will end up better.   I have faith I really do.  I looked up some tips and tricks in dealing with it.  Tonite's the big Halloween party.  I was excited to go but it's been pretty windy and chilly outside today so I am not sure about the weather.  I was going to buy myself a costume this year.  But it's been a tight month and all.  I put a call in to the Dr.'s office so I can have them call me Monday morning.  I know that all will get better it just takes time to get it all together.  The dogs are even antsy today.  I am doing laundry and the kids got their baths done.  I need to run into town to get some batteries though.  My camera sucks through them too fast.  That's on my christmas wish list.  I seriously need a new one.  Wish me luck I am afraid it's gonna be a long day.


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