Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Shopping today and some great deals

Well we survived.......I got the kids their winter coats and I bought some more long sleeves for my son and all that jazz plus I bought my daughter and myself pairs of shoes.  They were by one get one half off.  Including clearance.  They had a ton of jeans on clearance.  The jeans were marked down to 6.49 but they were origionaly 30 bucks.  I used my 15 percent off credit for Kid Vantage and I also used a friend and family coupon to get another 20 percent knocked off.  Most of the clothes I bought were either on sale or clearance.  Most of the stuff was over 75 percent off when it was said and done.  They also have a bunch of jeans on sale for woman and teens.  For only 3 bucks.  I stocked up on some of these for the teenager.  Tomorrow I have a meeting to go to in the morning.  I went through some samples I got in the mail and gave them to my MIL from the beauty bag.  I know she likes that kind of stuff.  My kids tend to fight over who gets what.  We also had a really nice dinner at one of our favorite places to eat.  We try to go out to eat once a month as a treat.  My son stayed out of trouble today.  I hope this is the sign that the medicine is helping him.  His attitude is still rough at times.  But this has never been easy having mental illness issues.  They also extended some deals for new consultants.  Hope that it comes to be successful for me and others too.  Take care I am off to sleep soon.  I am soo very tired.


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