Wednesday, November 16, 2011

The last two days had so much going on than up at 5 am due to zombie frogs

Yes I know Zombies aren't real my daughter had a dream that zombie frogs were out to get her.  So now she wants me to stay up with her and protect her from them.  This started at 5 ish  in the morning.  Why does this stuff happen when I am exhausted and need to get some sleep.  Tomorrow they are releasing my Papaw's ashes.  It feels like it's not closure...... I still miss him I think about him all the time.  This young girl from RF a small town a little ways from here she was either ten or eleven.  She hung herself in her closet due to bullying.  People on FB are really taking a stand against it.  As am I I believe someone should have stopped it.  And further more how come she was alone when it happened where were her parents in the first place.  That's just me.  I don't believe a lot of kids keep the bullying inside I believe that they tell someone.  Either a friend or a sister etc. Children need to take these threats seriously.  Get this girl some help and counseling before another kid falls victim to the same fate.  I would not allow my kids to bully .  Then again I am very much involved in my kids life.  I go to the extra activities.  I got a call yesterday that starting next week my son will be bringing home a daily report card.  They have been running these tests the last few weeks and I just don't have all the answers yet.  It really frustrates me.  My husband still feels swollen and in so much pain from the extraction.  I believe one was impacted.  Soon the other heathens will be up though. We have big plans tonite to pick up the fundraiser stuff.  Than tomorrow it's a parade and we are going to the festival of trees.  So hope things calm down on our neck of the wood.


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