Monday, November 28, 2011

So really excited had to share

I took the leap and signed the kids up for scouts boy and girl.  I have decided to not get the whole getup to make sure they want to stay in.  Since the girl scout troop is to big they want to split the troop and have me be a leader.  I was like sounds good.  But after I thought of that I thought.  Would I be really crafty and would I be fun.  I don't know if that's what I would really like to do .  I think that it could be really fun.  The topic of youth group has started up again.  I don't know since I cannot find another person to help me that this wouldn't be such a great idea.  So that idea must go on the shelf again. I have been challenged to sell 200 in Mary Kay by Dec 5th Please Please help me reach my goal you can order online as shipping is free.  My website is          It's really important I meet this goal and I only have a few days to get there please help me reach my goal .  I want to show my director I can do this challenge we have different ones every week.  I know I can make it.  I have also decided on a awesome Thirty-One purse and wallet that I want.  I am hoping for Christmas my hubby will get me some or even I would like to review one for a consultant.  If so you would make me very happy.  Onto another topic there's two Dr. appointments tomorrow so I will be fairly busy.  Hope that all goes well pray for me.  Thanks ya'll.


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