Thursday, December 22, 2011

Kids are on Break guess who's comming in a few Hours SANTA

Hi everyone I wanted to wish you a happy holiday!  However you celebrate it weather it's Christmas or something else.  I am more excited this Christmas than any other I have had.  I think it's because there's no snow on the ground.  I was worried that due to family traveling that if it snowed they wouldn't make it here.  My cousin and her family are back home they moved to Wyoming last year because of her husbands schooling.  They are both in the Military.  So they also serve our country.  They haven't been called out to war.  They are blessed not to leave their young son.  I am thankful my family's together.  I am really happy that my dad is able to come home for the holiday's .  He is a long haul truck driver and he works really hard and he's gone a lot.  I really am glad that he can relax he works six days a week already. It's been cloudy and rainy here.  I am really tired of the rain.  My son is getting a cold so that's really sad.  But hope that he will feel better with the medicine.  My religious beliefs have really helped me the last few weeks.  I have been praying a lot.  Santa is comming to our house with his elves.  They have a big program to help families.  So they bring little trinkets to the children at my kids' school. Mind you we live in a small town with less than 2,000 people.  Thank goodness for that although I would like some of those double coupon stores near me.  Talk to you guys later.


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