Monday, December 5, 2011

Cookies and more Cookies

We have been a cookie making machine over here.  I love to bake and my kids have all helped me cook.  I think that we will make another batch tonight.  I also have some more decorating to do too.  It's been a busy weekend .  Our church had a cookie and clothing giveaway our first ever.  I think that we have done marvelous we have a small church.  14 families made at least 4 dozen cookies and fudge and candy to share with everyone.  I kind of made way tooo many cookies.  I ate some cookies not good for my diet and I have gained a few pounds during this.  I know everyone eats cookies and goodies but I think I ate too much these cookies we are going to keep some and donate some to the woman's shelter in our town.  I have never donated something I made just what I bought.  I also am looking for people to donate some lotion.  I sell MK it's a ten dollar donation so that I can give to the nursing home and domestic violence and rape shelter this Feb.  I have never taken on something this big and I can't afford to do it myself so I am asking you my readers to help me and donate lotion it comes with a pair of fuzzy socks you can do it private or I can send your note with your name included. I am also asking if your kids feel like drawing pictures or making a craft or a card I would love to share that too.  So please consider helping more info to come feel free to comment  or ask.  I will gladly share any info you may ask of me.


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