Thursday, December 1, 2011

I am a Scout Mommy......I even cried..................

No seriously..........I made the leap.  I am not an official leader but my son  is in Boy Scouts.  His Den leader was an inspiration his son was so sweet to my son and me.  I was really relieved that he wasn't nervous.  Boy I sure was though.  I am really hoping that we can start memorizing the pledge and also the stuff that makes them into good people.  I didn't realize at first how much this is going to change my son's life!!!! He has role models and he see's all different kind of boys that are close in age to him.  The Master Scout Leader made sure I was able to speak to him even though I was new with my many questions and it must have been slightly annoying.  I mean I guess everyone has to be new sometime right.  But they welcomed me with open arms.  I needed that!!  I was unsure which pack to pick.  I wasn't sure which one was going to be the best so I went with my heart.  I made the right choice.  I can feel it.    When I found out how much it cost for the uniform I was kinda worried to be honest.  Right now but it was so relieving when he said he would work with me and take payments.  It made it easier ...........I cried . ... I won't lie.  I was worried how much it would cost.  It's important to me that he gets his shirt... More will come with time.  I am hoping that I can get that down the road.  I am excited about the derby the badges everything.  I wish I would have had the chance.  I didn't when I was a child.. I wish I would have been in sports I wish I would have done so many things different but I am grateful to god that my kids can have these chances in life to grow and become strong people.


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