Saturday, December 17, 2011

Long Day but baking called my name to the kids

I really have felt down the last few days just achy all over.  But for some last minute gifts I had to make some cookies and cupcakes for the kids. We are also gonna be making some homemade icing to go on top too.  I even called the non emergency dr. hotline.  They said if I can't deal with it than go to the er.  I hate going there so I will try to hold on till Monday to see my dr.  This week is the kids christmas parties at school. They are going to be plum full of cookies.  My body aches my eyes hurt too.  I think it's partially stress partially just being busy not taking my time.  We've been really working on our boy scout badges. I need to get a girl scout book to find out what she needs to do.  My son's just vegging out on the couch just trying to relax watching walker. It's one of his favorite shows.  We try to limit the violence in this house.  I just want them to grow up with healthy expectations.  That's just me.  My MIL gift of a new cellular phone came early it came today.  I am glad she's happy to have reliable service.  She was paying to much for the prepaid ones.  I plan on making some new years resolutions in the next week.  I hope that I can accomplish my goals.  I think this will help out so much .  I need to make two more blankets for the beds I am crocheting.  The boy one will probally be the army colors.  I have been buying the yarn at Wallmart.  I am trying to do it cheap it sure costs a lot of money.  I need to learn how to follow a pattern and sell my wares on etsy.  Wish me luck.  Still booking parties for the new year.  Wish me luck


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