Friday, December 2, 2011

One of those Sleepless Nights

Yawn........just kidding . I am slightly tired.  Worried about my husbands appointment tomorrow worried what the Dr. will say.  He's still having extreme pain from the wisdom teeth issues.  I don't know hoping that it's just a dry socket but who knows really.  I missed the church decorating tonight.  I think I offended someone that I know multiple times because I am not cheery and happy go lucky all the time.  They fake it they have this facade for everyone to see.  I haven't known them a great deal but I am trying to be good to others and show good will.  I just don't understand if it's not roses and chocolate why you should have to lie about things.  I would rather be honest with my thoughts and opinions then to go on day in and out with living a lie.  But it's not for me to judge.  I also decided that when others spread gossip I should stop them mid step and tell them I don't care because really I don't.  I hate how others go around doing it so why should I waste my precious time hearing about others made up stories.  I think that came out harsh but seriously.  That's how lies and insecurities start.  Soon the house will be noisy and it's quiet listening to everyone sleep.  I really wanted to tried to and I just can't so tonite which is really tomorrow hope I sleep really well.


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