Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Needing some advice...............

The other day the kids got their hair cuts done.  The problem was my daughter had really long hair and she wanted it drastically shorter.  She seen an advertisement on the wall and had to have that cut.  At first I tried to talk her out of it.  But she pleaded and I gave in.  She liked it till we left.........than changed her mind to she hated it...... It's like layered and short in the back.  Her cousin told her she looked like a boy (which she doesn't) and really it is cute if she wanted to scrunch it etc.  The problem with the long hair was is she wasn't taking care of it.  It would nap up together at night.  and she wasn't taking care of it.  So I was all for shorter hair.  We are going to be getting some hair bands and hair clips to make it get better in the mean time.  She also has mouse and hairspray to help style her hair .  I think we will let it be a bob haircut.  But I want her to have some pride in her appearance and I am not sure if she will if I constantly do everything for her.  I know she needs some freedom of expression though so I encourage imaginary play and I want her to think on her own and not be a sheep either.  My son wanted a mowhawk and I said NOPE!!! They look awful and they also just I just don't like them we settled for a little longer on top short sides and back so he looks so much better like this. He still is asking for camo stuff. I told him to wait until Christmas though and see what santa brings. He opened some of his Christmas presents early and got an awesome pair of binacculors.  He also got some shirts and some airplaines he was in Heaven.  Did I do the right thing in giving in to my daughter for her choice of haircut.  Or should I have choosen for her.


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