Tuesday, December 6, 2011

New Thoughts for my business

I read about another reps idea for hooking on her business card to a candy cane and giving it to everyone! Mail people cashiers delivery drivers etc.  I didn't even think of that.  I thought of plain suckers I was thinking about using dum dum's because they are cheap.  But I didn't want my customers to think they are dumb.  Am I over analyzing this a bit.  Also I plan on making some flyers to post.  I can make some up for sure.  I really wanna get going.  I am in love with their Make -Up. I am working on my portfolio and I still need some faces to add on to it.  Cleaned house and husband went and returned some movies.  I am not a big movie person but my husband is and we have been watching more movies than I used too. I bought some movies in the 5 buck bin at the Super Center. I got some new releases in there.  My husband really likes the scary movies.  I like the Romantic Comedies.  Can't help it Love some romance.  I have ordered some stuff I am bartering with other bloggers.  I am also sending her some samples of some new products.  She has really helped me out. I am sure someday I will go to wordpress but for now I am content here.


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