Thursday, September 29, 2011

So this is becoming a better day

I am thinking I need to make six quillows maybe more but with the time limit of Christmas I am kinda stuck.  I am thinking I won't have the time to embroider the boarders on some but.  I need to get on the ball I am going to start later on as soon as I buy some fabric.  I still have the Material to make a quilt for my bed.  I need to get on the ball it's been over a year now.  I wonder does fabric expire.  I mean not go bad but does it thin out over time.  Pretty goofy question.  I want to make my step daughter a penguin ornament for Christmas.  I have a pattern but I have never been able to read one and understand it.  There's not too much to it and it is small I am thinking a couple hours.  I want to put it in her stocking .   Yes she knows Santa Claus is not real but I have her play along for her other siblings.  She is having trouble she bought some itunes and they aren't showing up on her list.  I have no idea how to work the little sucker and no apple store around me.   So I am not sure what to do.  I have sort of figured it out on mine.  Dang that little bugger is complicated.  Mines an Ipod Touch.  I am glad I didn't get an apple phone than I would be lost.  My Sister has one and says there's good and bad.  But I thought paying 200 bucks for a phone was crazy.  I like the idea of the apps though.  I have some on my Android phone.  I like them a lot.  It saves me time and money and I always like to do that. I read another blogger who is boycotting Extreme Couponing Yes I save money but piles of stuff even if it was  free that we didn't use seems like a waste to me.  If I found the good diaper deals I would donate them to the women's shelter as in the past like 15 years ago I was a victim of Domestic Violence and I lived in a shelter as I didn't have any close family.  It was awful.  I came with nothing.  I have a close friend I met while I was there and we still talk to this day.  I think everyone should donate weather it is time or stuff to those shelters.  They are one of the most under served populations out there.  I am thinking of ways to help.  I was thinking of doing birthday boxes.  I am looking at getting shoe boxes and fill them with candles frosting icing balloons etc.  So when a child celebrates a birthday they can have a cake etc.  So if anyone has any suggestions or thoughts I would love to hear it.  I thought about decorating the shoe boxes too.  Have a blessed one.


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