Monday, September 19, 2011

Summers Coming to an end But enjoyed one last Treat

So the kids hubby and I had some delicious Ice Cream from one of our favorite little places.  Mike's Chill.  It was on Sale!! The ice cream sandwiches were 49 cents and the dilly bars were .69.  We ordered some wonderful tasty treats this is one of those places that is locally owned and operated.  We love it there.  I hope that we can go there next year a lot .  We really like going to the other place they own it's a little drive up think the old A & W from way back when.  Their food is tasty and grilled fresh right in front of you.  The prices are good too.  Their soups are made fresh daily.  Their chili is good when it is cold outside.  I was not compensated at all for this post I didn't get free meals or anything.  But I wanted to share what I enjoy and places that treat you  right and have reasonable prices.  I told my aunt about my blog tonite I sent her the link so I can't wait till she see's my little work in progress.  I am kinda nervous and kind of excited too.  I worry what everyone thinks.  I don't do this for everyone else though I do this for me.  The new episode of  Two and a Half Men is on I wonder if it will be the same.  I think Charlie might have spoken without thinking when he talked bad about chuck and the show.  But when you put it out there if you are unhappy you should have left earlier.  If someone doesn't appreciate you than you should leave.  But it's hard walking away from the job that pays you millions of dollars each episode.  So far it's just in the early stages it's too early to tell so I will let you know my opinion later.  So we will see.


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