Friday, September 16, 2011

So yesterday was awesome

I got some wonderful Mary Kay products to review.  I plan on using them today.  I think my daughter will help me because I want to look awesome.  We all got our hair cuts two days ago.  They still look fab though.  The woman at the salon said to make sure we get them trimmed every three months.  I was thinking it was once a month that will save us a bundle because it was like 60 bucks for all of us.  I am also trying to figure out some teacher presents for Christmas.  I am thinking homemade.  I am hoping to start my sewing class next week.  I have no idea what to get my aunts for christmas.  Time is ticking away I have thought of buying some homemade rosaries they are so beautiful.  But I am not sure if this is the right gift.  I hope that I can figure it out soon. We are planning a trip to a local orchard.  I hope that it will work out ok.  I am worried about the prices.  It's a upick type place. I am also thinking of going to a blogger conference I am trying to find one close to me but I so don't want to go alone.  I am thinking my cousin will go with me but I am nervous. It's not like me to be that way. So if anyone has been I could sure use the advice. I was thinking of meeting up afterwords for coffee or something too.  Maybe making business cards too not sure yet.  Where I live it's such a small town.  I think it will work out but that won't be so easy .


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