Sunday, September 18, 2011

Cold Weather Potato Soup Night

Last night I had an idea I wanted potato soup.  So tonight I made some along with help of the husband.  I started out with a stick of butter.  I chopped and diced one package of celery and 2 large onions salted and peppered to taste and added one large bag of potatoes.  My husband tried to rush the process and dumped the butter and veggies in the potato water to rush it along.  I was like OMG it's ruined now he says it would cook faster.  I planned an adding when they were softened some so I waited .  When the potatoes got done he added milk to the water.  I was surprised I always drained off the water but he added prob about half a gal. of whole milk it was good.  But I also cut up part of a french bread and broke it up into pieces and put into mine so much better than crackers.  Next time I hope he just lets me cook.  I talked to my aunt today.  It made me miss my grandma though.  I told her about some big ideas I have floating around.  So I need to find like 8 people that live close to me .  I have some ideas.  I hope it works wish me luck hugs everyone.


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