Saturday, September 17, 2011

Paid for what you do anyway count me in I love love love this site...........

Well I follow alot of blogs and one that really inspires me is Fat Chick Fed Up (check her out she makes me laugh and cry)  anyways a few weeks ago she posted something that was completely new to me .  Daily Feats it is sort of like you do things everyday like brush your teeth take care of your kids etc.  You get rewarded for this with points.  Yes points which lets you cash out when ever you hit a certain threshold.  I am new to the site.  I try to log in every day.  Yes I forget not perfect etc.. But in two weeks time I had enough points to cash out for itunes gift card.  I am going to have songs on my ipod touch.  Yes. They have all sorts of rewards you can friend people invite your friends share on facebook etc.  I like it does it motivate me yes people can even comment on your feat.  What do people need feedback .  We thrive on it.  It works you get rewarded you congratulate others on their accomplishments and it's FREE!  You can even get people like you (like on fb)  and they can compete with you it doesn't cost a penny and you can have a lot of fun please feel free to friend me on there if you would like I would love to have you on my team!


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