Monday, September 19, 2011

Some thoughts Opinions

Has anyone done Financial Peace University or Dave Ramsey did it work or what.  I am trying on figuring out if it's worth the money.  I like to save money but not so sure if this is the right avenue.  I met someone that I am working on some major stuff.  I hope all goes well she's super nice.  Glad someone tells you the good and the bad and doesn't make you feel bad it's nice to have those kinds of people on your team.  I have 17 followers I think that is awesome! Hope you guys enjoy it.  I feel unfocused today.  I have a lot of thoughts rattling around upstairs.  I am thinking of getting a big sheet of poster board and posting some of my goals on it and hanging it on the wall.  Does that sound kind of nutty.  I really like blogging eventually I would like this to be my job!  I like spending time with the kids and the dogs and my husband.  I sometimes feel that if I was working all the time I would miss out on so much.  I have put some thought about going to school the classes that are like 1500 bucks a piece so maybe if they weren't so high I would do it now.  That's like for four years it would be like 70,000 bucks.  Enough to buy a house.  I thought about going to Hair School.  I am not sure I could touch other peoples feet though.  I don't know.  Started some laundry and all that fun stuff got out some hamburger for supper may just have either cheeseburgers or tacos not sure which.  I kinda like cheeseburgers though.   I hope that it turns out good I will probally post later.  Hugs!


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