Monday, November 12, 2012

New Changes are coming

I desided that we needed a change of pace. We desided to go to another church one that is quite larger than what we were used too.  We went to Sunday service and Bible Study. They played Contemporary music.  It was a change of pace for sure we felt welcomed and everyone was so nice. I am really glad it was okay.  I think that I really need to do more for others.  I am participating in a community share event and I really  am cleaning house as you can say.  I have tons of stuff and clothes that just need a new home. My family is making homeless bags with some scripture and some toiletries items.  I am doing this with my family to teach them to do unto others.  I was once homeless I lost everything twice it will never happen again. I lived in a shelter I have kept some of those relationships.  I am not homeless anymore but those times are burned in my memory. I felt so alone like nobody cared.  I didn't have a goood childhood. It was rough my mom was and still is an alcholic I have really moved her out of my life. My Christian friends think I should forgive and forget but she did this. Alchohal is a horriable drug. That's why I don't drink I never want something to have a hold onto me like that ever.  I am going on and on I am sure but I think that people need to quit hiding behind this.  Make it an open illness break free from the mind and the chains that exist.  Onto another topic we are planning our Thanksgiving dinner I am not sure what to bring to my mil house. There's so many recipes that I am good at cooking.  I will probally invite some people who don't have anyone to share their holidays with.  What are you planning on doing with your holidays?


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