Monday, August 8, 2011

Goals For Blogging

I want this to be a welcome spot I want others to come here and save money and relax.  There's blogs I really like and there is some that I don't read very often.  I like to read things that I can relate to.  I am a mom I like to save money but it can be frustrating because others see me as cheap.  I think some people in my family think that I am a bargain hunter to the max.  I like to save money but I don't always save money for instance have you ever seen something on sale somewhere and you didn't buy it to find out later on you really needed it and didn't know it. Yea I have done that.  I seen a good deal on some jeans but I felt that they weren't comfortable enough but  I should have realized while I am in the weight loss mode I should have bought them  because a few weeks later my other jeans were falling off.  I was upset by the time I got to the store sale was off and they were thirty bucks.  I couldn't see myself paying that much for them so I didn't get them.  So lesson learned if you think you will use it it is still a bargain.


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