Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Thirty Things you didn't know about me

1.  I like to play Bunco.  I even belong to a club and we play once a month.
2. I like to crochet and make stuff for my family and others.
3.  My favorite site for giving stuff away (here's my Link)
4. I constantly figure out new recipes in my head that is made with stuff I already have.
5.  I have to Chi's ones named Radar and the other's named Patches.  Ones a boy the other's a girl.
6. My cousin calls me FREEBIE because I know where to find stuff she's looking for on sale.
7.  My kids like to cook as much as I do.
8.  I am considering going to a blogger conference someday.
9.  I would love to meet Guy Fieri and Paula Deen and Rachel Ray in real life.
10.  I am nervous about loosing weight and keeping it off..
11.  I was addicted to soda pop and finally gave it all up.
12.  I am making presents for the homeless to give out this winter.
13.   I would like to read every Kindle book there is on Amaon.
14.  I think boys are easier to raise than girls.
15. I miss the good old music that doesn't talk about sex and drugs.
16.  My favorite song is Airplanes by Gary Alan.
17.  I read so many blogs that I never run out of craft ideas.
18.  The blankets I made my kids are the most well loved item they own.
19.  I hate it when you can't depend on someone to be there.
20.  I sing the songs on the Disney Channel (Yes I am a dork)
21.  I like to sing and I love listening to music.
22.  I am a twin.  We are Fraternal though 30 seconds apart.
23.  I want to get into non plus sizes.
24.  I am a BTFE fanatic.
25.  I love getting mail.
26. I like looking at stuff for sale on Etsy.
27.  My favorite color is purple..
28.  I want to learn how to make my own clothes.
29.  I like looking at beads and imagining my own designs
30.  I like to window shop.


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