Sunday, August 28, 2011

So happy about the things coming together

So I read an interesting book written by another mom blogger I think it was real written and it was almost like she was speaking to me.  I am thinking about wordpress and wondering if it's something I should do.  I feel like starting out blogger was more friendly per say.  I think it would cost some money in the long run to switch over.  At the moment I wonder what it will end up being like.  Tomorrow is my mom and sisters birthday on the same day.  We  are closer than we were. I just found my father a few years ago so I am still learning things.  I want to have that relationship like everyone else.  We don't have these big celebrations it's kind of a sore subject.  I want to do some things that mean a lot to me.  I want my kids to have family traditions carried on but I don't know if it will ever become something more.  I have met him a few times.  I miss him he doesn't live that close.  I don't regret finding him or meeting him.  I wanted that all my life.  I regret that I quit looking and restarted several times.  I feel like I gave up to soon.  I hope in the future I can learn more and put these traditions in place in my own kids lives.  I found some awesome recipes and I am writing my cookbook I hope that I can get it done by this winter.  It is really time consuming.  I want to include my Grandma's Recipes.  It will mean a lot.  I hope to self publish when I get it done.  Hubby is watching scary movies he's a movie fanatic me not so much.  I researched some confrences I would like to go sometime this upcoming year maybe sooner if I can work out all the details.  I have met so many friends here while I am on my journey I really like blogging and hopefully you enjoy reading it too. 


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