Sunday, July 15, 2012

Dieting that went out the Window in a big way........

So last night we had a gc for a fantastic dinner.   And the sad part I kinda threw the diet out the window.   I ate some fruit and veggies and a lot of fried foods.  That's exactly why I don't like to go to buffets the temptations are too much.  I hadn't ate there for quite some time and it was really hard not to indulge into dangerous territory.  I tell you what that night  I had heartburn from HELL and also I thought I was going to throw up I was so full. Today I did some walking and I felt crappy I tend to fell like that when I eat a lot of fried foods.  The people are usually nice and the place is pretty busy.   I ordered water.   I drank two glasses too.  It made me fill up and plus I don't like their diet pop.    I know I should totally give up the fried food but sometimes it tastes too tasty.   Some of the kids are going to a party today.  I am not going.  It's not my kind of outing the heat index it is high today plus my asthma attack took a lot outta me this morning.  I keep  putting up some recipes for the wedding album and hope that it turns out well.  I think I will put it in a binder.   The bad thing about all this is she's mildly retarded and I worry about making it easy enough for her to understand and not to complicated.  I keep worrying about our budget and thinking of using the envelope system.  Though I am not sure.  Wish me luck all..


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