Saturday, July 28, 2012

Review : Rubbermaid Portable Filtered Water Bottle

Have I ever told you purple is my favorite color, since I was like a kid.....  I bought this bottle it's like a bike water bottle except under the lid there is a filter to filter the water as you drink.... What can I say it's ten bucks. (Which I know isn't cheap)  I told my husband this better work and not leak or I will be so disappointed guess what it WORKS!!!!!!!!!! It's worth every penny it makes water taste good.  I have gotten myself to drink two a day which is like 40 oz.  I am a soda drinker a water hater.  but this this is a game changer  for me.  It makes water taste so good you forget it's water.  The filter lasts for 3 months and you can find the filters at stores and online at Amazon.  Which is where I got mine.  I am def. going to be  getting this for some Christmas presents and I will be using it all the time,  here's the best part it's Ice friendly because admit it cold water rocks.  At the bottom of the filter is a dial which u turn to know when it has to be changed.  I am really pleased with my purchase and am glad I read the reviews and am glad I can drink water.  It's one more of my steps to becoming healthy.  Hope you guys will give it a go to

Disclaimer:  I was NOT compensated given free stuff by amazon or by rubbermaid.  I just wanted to share quality products that I paid for myself and that are worth the money I paid.  But if Amazon or Rubbermaid needed someone to test their stuff.  I would gladly reply YES!! while jumping up and down.


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